Jules (jewly819) wrote in elementaryed,

please help!

(Sorry for the cross post!)

This morning I got called for an interview on Thursday. It is a year long, long-term sub position. 4th grade (sweet!)

I need to come up with a 15 minute lesson on reading comprehension. HELP!!!!! i was thinking of using a small (1-2 page) story... read aloud, and then answer questions during/after. i think i have those reading comprehension balls- i have to make sure. if not- i can just write on a beach ball. figuring that'll make things interesting. any suggestions!?!??! i teach at sylvan so I was going to look at some of our reading comp books.

i subbed for a year after getting my BS Ed and then went back for my MS Ed Instructional Technology - and all of my interviews last summer were tech related, so, I am feeling out of the loop! any suggestions for interview success??

there are 5 people being interviewed (me & 4 others) i am pretty sure we're all subs, because i did not send the district my resume, etc. this year. so- i have a 20% chance. i really need this!!!!!

thank you so much!!!
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