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an uncertain feeling


A little background... I've got my BS in Elementary Education... subbed for a year (it's difficult to get a teaching job where I live...), went back at got my Masters in a year & was the Graduate Assistant of my department, so that meant no subbing... and now I'm back into subbing.

This week, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday, I'm in the same 5th grade classroom. The teacher gave me a heads up, said it was the 'class from hell' and named some names to watch out for... well, I student taught in the ghetto (6th grade), so I wasn't too worried. Tuesday came & the day went great. A lot of chatting, and only minor problems with one kid. A lot of 'get back in your seat', 'I am talking, so you are listening', etc.

Today- great day, but that boy was at it again- all day. The teacher has the 3 'trouble' boys spread out. The one I was having a difficult time with is in the far back corner, and I cannot move him to the front because of the other two. Well, he kept talking during class, so I made him turn his desk sideways (he's next to the wall)-- he was talking across the room while others were answering, etc. I heard he was bad for the science teacher... so that didn't make me very happy. Then, in the afternoon, he was at it again. Constantly out of his seat, etc. And he'd talk back. (Boy did he get brave!) So, they do a 'card' system.. Green, Yellow (Lunch time detention), and Red (After School Detention). In the morning, I had moved his card to 'yellow'... by the time the afternoon came, he was teetering on the edge. I called on him to read, feeling maybe he just wanted some attention.. so he started to read, and then burst out into laughter- like, bent over laughing hysterically. What did he read about? Someone who was extremely poor (this is not a 'well-off' district, I'm not sure what part he found humorous)

So, I said I would give him something funnier to laugh at. I filled out the after school form and had it sent to the office. He did not agree that it was fair.

This was my first detention I've ever given. I've subbed a decent amount, especially this year, and I have never had any problems... I think that is why I feel 'bad'... not bad, but, did I maybe go too far? Should I have just given him lunch time?

Please offer me your insight!!!! It's greatly appreciated!!!!

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